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Survey Question

Our satisfaction survey is extremely short; the Minute Survey asks only one question:

What worked well and what needs improvement? ©

Our survey is only one question long.  Studies have shown that short surveys, like our Minute Survey, lead to high response rates, thereby reducing (or even eliminating) the need for reminders. Our initial studies confirm this fact; they demonstrate that 75% of patients will respond to our survey without any follow-up reminders.  Further, the cost of our Minute Survey is 80% less than traditional surveys such as Consumer Assessment of Health Plans and Services (CAHPS).  

Our Minute Survey allows an open ended responses.  We do not force the patient to choose from a pre-set menu.  Patients reply by typing their comments or by recording a response that is later transcribed. They can talk about anything, the Minute Survey does not lead the clients to respond to a specific set of questions.  Patients' comments are automatically analyzed and classified. A comprehensive report is prepared that feels and look like reports received from longer surveys.  All of this is done in real time with no waiting.